Seventy Protein Powder Lab Tests: BPI, MHP, Weider, and more FAIL

Jul 21, 2016 · 3 min read

A South African pharmacy chain, Dischem, had the University of Pretoria test 70 leading protein powders. Well…they tested 70 protein powders that qualify as leading in South Africa. If you’re from The U.S. of A., some of their names will be unfamiliar to you.

Actually, if you’re from the U.S., you’re probably wondering who Dischem is…

They’re a large pharmacy chain in South Africa, founded in 1978, and currently operating about 400 (+/-) locations with a 15% marketshare. They also sell sports supplements (basically there like CVS or Walgreens here in the ‘states).

So now that you who they are, here are the results from Dischem’s testing that I found most interesting :

  • BPI Whey HD contained 44.38% less protein than label claims
  • MHP Up Your Mass contained 19.34% less protein than the label claimed, but their Paleo Protein had 5.26% more protein than the label claim
  • MuscleMeds “failed” the test by virtue of not having accurate labels, but that’s because their Carnivore Mass product contained 13.7% more protein than stated and Carnivore contained 9.31% more
  • Weider 100% Whey Isolate Protein contained 12.98% less protein than label claims
  • BSN’s Syntha 6 contained 7.28% less protein than the label claim, but True Mass contained 2.39% more
  • Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey contained 6.21% less protein than the label claimed (two other ON products contained about 5% less protein than the label claim — so remember, here in a 20g serving we are talking about a gram of difference, give or take)

The biggest disaster was a South African brand, Supplements SA, which had two separate products register a protein content of that was under the stated label claims by 77.41 and 51.86%

The full set of tests are below :

Please keep in mind that I had nothing to do with these tests, their creation, or with the results being published, so I obviously can’t offer any personal assurances that they’re valid, or comment on the methodology.

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