Using Blog Posts to Achieve Top Rankings for Competitive Niche Keywords

Zephyr Epic is an online trading card retailer based in Canada. They are a strictly eCommerce (no physical storefront) store, and asked me to help them with their content marketing efforts in December, 2016.

Since then, I’ve written blog posts at a rate of 1 per week with many of the posts quickly ranking on the first page on Google. Many even reach top 3 rankings, which if you didn’t already know, is where all the fun is at. :)

Below are a few links to blogs I’ve written for Zephyr Epic along with where they are currently (5/25/17) ranking on Google:

Blog Post: The Complete Guide To Building Winning Pokémon TCG Decks

Keyword: how to build Pokemon decks

Difficulty: 77.49%

Volume: 1400

Position: 3

Blog Post: These Are The Top 4 Places To Find Epic Pokémon TCG Giveaways

Keyword: how to find Pokemon card giveaways

Difficulty: 85.49%

Volume: 130

Position: 2

Blog Post: Just How Valuable Are Your Hockey Cards, Really

Keyword: how valuable are hockey cards

Difficulty: 70.54%

Volume: 800

Position: 5

I attribute these rankings to my always evolving writing checklist which you can find here.

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