You’re Not Trying Hard Enough On Your Headlines

Behold, the headline. A magical sentence with the power to bring thousands to your message. However, few people try hard enough to create a compelling headline.

You may write 2 or 3, and compare them with a co-worker, but that’s not going to work. Can you imagine if an architect created 2–3 designs for a bridge, and decided on the one that just looked the best (without using any calculations or measurements to ensure structural stability)?

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to calculate the structural integrity of beams of steel to create a good headline. In fact, you can do so with just a couple minutes of effort. Allow me to introduce you to EMV:

Emotional Marketing Value (EMV)

EMV is a quick way to measure how many emotional words are within a sentence/title. I use this metric to check both social posts and titles, and have found that it’s a great way to create a better headline within 5 minutes.

Here’s two example headlines, one with low EMV and the other with very high EMV:

“7 Accessories Every Card Collector Needs” — 83.33% EMV

“7 Accessories Card Collectors Should Have” — 33.33% EMV

Even with only a couple words changed, the headlines have drastically different effectiveness.

This is where the power of EMV really lies. It helps you identify when you’re headline is improving or getting worse. Try it out by writing your next headline using You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’re able to come up with a good headline!