Very well said Anthony.
Pete McPherson

I can definitely say there have been numerous times I’ve searched for reviews on specific courses. It’s obviously easier to search for the higher-profile courses.

But it’s harder to find reviews on the lesser priced, lower value courses. So you really don’t know what you’re going to get. Are there testimonials legitimate? It can be hard to decipher sometimes.

I think what you guys are trying to solve is something that can generate traffic and ad revenue. Be careful of how you perceived when it comes to ads because your audience might think you are being paid to review. There are also some other questions you might want to be able to ask yourselves as well.

Are you reviewing the courses based on content or presentation?

— You are probably going to do both. Content is the main focus but presentation can affect the price.

Since courses are graded based on the results the students offer, how are you planning to put each course to the test?

— Every course is designed for the student to take action.. well, at least the good ones do. Maybe apply a different approach since you won’t be able to literally build a business for every single course. Even if you review a fitness/health course, those results take time as well.

Note: you may not need to test everything.

Example: You take a $2500 course on how to launch a business. And then you take a $67 course on how to build a business. It’s clear which one will be more valuable. One could be overpriced, and one could be underpriced, etc. Is the $67 course even worth it? Did they give $67 worth of value? Could all of that information be found for free? Or is it the steal of the century and should be priced 5x more? Why?

What you have to focus on is this:

Be the ULTIMATE go-to source for these kinds of reviews. You should be reviewing everything. From the crap on Instagram to the gold by the serious influencers.

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