The End of Firewatch
Duncan Fyfe

I purchased this game for the Xbox One this weekend as a digital download. I was looking for a story / adventure game which would capture my attention for a few months ( I only play a couple of hours per week).

The beginning of the story was pretty cool. I liked how you were able to select responses to define your character, however, it didnt really impact the game. I wish those choices would have then produced an entirely different play experience, giving the game replay value. I think the only thing those choices did was to give Delilah a 1 sentence response which tied to your earlier selection.

Once you reach your post, and you start doing quests issued by Delilah, the game is quite fun. Unfortunately, the game fast forwards the number of days in which you are in the wilderness. I would prefer to actually play those days, and do missions, and have the story more fully develop.

This game is on steel rails. It is totally linear, and your ability to navigate terrain is strictly limited. I think the path that is below your outhouse is an excellent representation of how the game flows…you have two paths which only slightly diverge, but they end up at the same place. You really dont get to explore where you want to go, and even the smallest of rock formations or bushes prevent exploring paths that the game doesnt want you to experience.

Well, about 3 hours into the game, it started wrapping up….quickly. I was more disappointed in the $20 for 3 hours with no replay value than the actual ending of the game. This should have been the ending of a chapter, with 10 more similar chapters included in the game for $20 in my opinion.

I liked the story telling aspect of the experience, and I think it was a unique way to enjoy a game. I wish I would have bought this as a disc instead of a digital download, so I could get some return on it. Or better yet, hit up a 1 day rental for $3. Wish I would have known this prior to purchasing.

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