In today’s modern, chic world, fashion trends are constantly developing, adapting, and evolving. Of course, you always want to stay up on what’s hot and even what’s about to come into style. After all, you don’t want to be wearing last year’s trends when the new ones come around. We’ve put together a list of our favorite Twitter accounts to follow here at OurStyleBlog.com. Just because we love you guys!

@cindi_leive, Editor in Chief at Glamour Magazine
Let’s start with a woman who fills her Twitter feed with empowering thoughts and cutting-edge fashion. As the Editor in Chief at Glamour, Cindi Leive has an account that is the intersection between young and hip, yet sophisticated, elegant, and refined. Because of her profession, she brings you a little bit of everything you need, not just for dressing, but for staying up on the social world and more.

@voguemagazine, Influence and Style Magazine Brand
Speaking of fashion and lifestyle magazines worth reading, Vogue is truly a cut above. This magazine probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, but if you haven’t yet checked out their Twitter account, you’re missing out! Celebrity power couples, music, insider tips, and of course, trend-defining fashion.

@WeWoreWhat, Danielle Bernstein’s Fashion Advice
One of the big reasons we love Danielle Bernstein’s Twitter account is because of all the pictures. She’s constantly sharing images of well-dressed women showcasing everything that’s hip, trendy, and fun in fashion. Really though, you’re also tapping into the power of her articles as well, and combined with her Twitter account, you’ll find advice for how to match and re-create looks, while making them your own.

@jcrew, Trendy Apparel and Accessory Brand
Another excellent Twitter account for you to follow is J. Crew. Where this brand excels is it’s unique position in the fashion world. A little preppy sometimes, but equally casual, they have apparel that’s the right mix above Old Navy, but without breaking the bank, even as you capture the style of leading design trends.

@CHANEL, Fashion and Apparel Brand
Yet, while brands like J. Crew fill your need for upscale, yet affordable fashion, you still want to keep up with luxury-inspired trends. Whether you’re grabbing a stunning accessory or maybe you’re looking for something especially special, Chanel is a brand that sits between Haute Couture and the world of regular and fashionable day and evening wear. The brand’s account continues to highlight how the brand sets the direction in fashion.

@taylorswift13, Musician, Fashionista, and Social Icon
In the past 5 or so years, it seems like Taylor Swift has risen from regular musician to a ultra-socially-savvy symbol that many women admire. It’s not just that you can look to her account for inspiration and fashion ideas. In reality, her account is a window into her daily life, which is all about living well and looking good while doing it.

@kimkardashian, Media Star and Socialite
No matter how you feel about Kim Kardashian-West, it’s undeniable that she continues to influence the trends of today. In addition to owning her own clothing brand, she has emerged as a person worth following on Twitter for her candid shots, social insights, and more.

@ELLEmagazine, Influence and Style Magazine Brand
Our final choice for fashion-forward women such as yourself is ELLE Magazine. From highlighting the latest outfits by celebrities to advice on cocktails for your next social gathering, this account is packed with entertaining and practical advice for the everyday woman.