Why You NEED Social Media Marketing As A Business Owner In 2017.

Social Media has had an exponential growth in the last decade. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, from your children, your co-workers, to your grandparents all use at least one Social Media platform every single day. Whether it’s Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., they’re all becoming much more than just a place to go to catch up with old friends, watch funny, videos, or any of that stuff. Businesses around the world are now REALLY beginning to utilize these platforms as marketing tools for their businesses, and if you’re a small business owner, an online business owner, or any type of business professional (personal trainer, real estate agent, etc.) you better hop on the train before it’s too late!

2017 is the “Golden Era” to hop online and utilize these platforms as the greatest marketing tools up to this date. It’s a perfect time too, because while the HUGE brands likes Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney, or McDonald’s are still using the bulk of their advertising expenses on TV commercials or radio, the smaller , local businesses can KILL IT online before it get’s too crowded.

The problem that arises though is that many small business owners have no idea how to truly utilize each platform to best of its ability! They’re too busy worrying about the business as a whole to post a picture on Instagram, research the hottest hashtags for that specific niche & location, study the Insights and figure out when the best time to post is to get the highest engagement with the audience, and so on.

The internet is not the internet anymore. Social Media has become the internet. People are searching for the latest news on Twitter, buying clothes from Instagram, and signing up for Seminars and buying books from Facebook. The number of people on the internet who use Social Media on a regular basis around the world has increased from 24% of all users (2008) to 81% of ALL users (2017)!

One of the major rules of marketing is quite simple, go where your audience is. Get in front of their eyes. You want them to see you. It’s so obvious that Social Media is 100% the way to go right now to increase the number of customers, increase traffic to your website, and to build that online presence that you need to succeed in today’s marketplace.

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