Facebook Live

Zuckerberg strikes again. The latest feature from Facebook shows the bright future ahead for the company. Although Facebook's new addition might not be as successful as messenger it’s still a great idea.

The whole live streaming thing has always seemed a bit daunting. In the past I've accepted I’m not technical enough to set one up. But the Facebook geniuses have simplified the whole thing so it’s easy enough for anyone to use. And I’m not exaggerating, it literally takes the press of a button.

Make no mistake it does have it’s flaws, you won’t be able to recapture the influx of comments when you rewatch the video later on. Additionally, Facebook’s Live Video feature is really meant just for the people who follow you or your friends and family.

But overall Facebook live can be a great addition for bloggers around the world. Giving readers an opportunity to get to know bloggers better as well as interacting with them. Through my experience of using Facebook live, I can see why people are giving it a go. With such a simple press of a button who knows what doors you could be opening? Give it a try.

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