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I interviewed myself, here’s a question that shattered my ego.

I boarded an airplane to Nashville today. 
It was supposed to be a simple flight. 
Little did I know, it would turn into a deep dive into the soul.

It’s interesting what a good movie and soundtrack can do to one’s soul. 
When motivation meets inspiration, that’s what happened to me today.

A wise man once told me, find what motivates you and do it every day.

So, what if you interviewed yourself? 
What if you were as inquisitive with you as you were with an idol or mentor? 
Would your posture change? 
Would your questions change? 
Would you be honest with yourself?

The question comes as a quick story I read recently. 
Imagine you go in for a job interview. 
It’s a small company and everyone knows each other. 
In fact, many of the team already know you. 
The CEO is interviewing you and asks, “Everyone says you’re great, but …” 
He leaves a long pause with the goal of you completing the sentence. 
How would you answer the question?

Here’s what I said to myself. 
It sounds like I’m totally crushing myself but I wanted to. 
Maybe you want to do the same.

Anthony is great, but he can get sidetracked. His constant bouncing of ideas can be a gift and a curse. 
He is also non present in situations. 
If he’s not into it, he’s either not present or working on what is next. 
He is ultra positive but tends to not vet ideas properly. 
He has tendencies to be anxious and rush through things. 
He’s intense, needs to relax more. 
He can be insenstive, empathy is not very present.

Those are just a few. 
If you were interviewed, what would be your ‘but’ …?