Conversation With my Future Wife..

She told me don’t try me, you thinking you could buy me? With all the fancy dinner dates and stuffed bears you think imma let you get inside me? Real niggas are played out, you lucky that we made out! Truth be told I’m still waiting on a marriage, and I’ll just wait it out.

So I reply..

“You probably think I’m trying to play you, or maybe trying to save you; but what you fail to understand is girl I will wait for you. I don’t need your precious flower, it’s your other qualities that empower, and if you told me it’ll be 4 years from now I would take it by the hour.”

She says..

Yeah I heard the rap before kid, in a month or so you’ll try again, then when I hit you with hell no, you’ll go and end up trying to fuck my friends.

So I said..

“I want you test me then, you can bring around all your friends, and when they tell you how I talk about you maybe then you’ll understand. I don’t mind being patient, cause i feel it could be something amazing, and if so then I know it’s worth the waiting.”

And she was like..

Alright you kinda smooth, and I really like you too. But imma set some guidelines, a couple rules to keep it true.

So I was like..

“A couple rules? In which I need to abide to? If I have any chance to be with you?”

She laughed and said..

Shit if that’s too much, you mine as well just give up. I really need to know in my soul if you’re the right one before we touch.

So I laugh along too and say..

“Well let me hear what they are, I bet it’s nothing hard. Besides for us to be together I would travel near or far!”

Smirking she replied..

I need to know your goals, and what you have in store, cause 4 years down the road I won’t be living poor. I’ll be done with school, I’m hoping you will too, and if God isn’t a factor in your life then I can’t stick with you.

Thinking to myself..

“’Damn this girl is real, just straight up told me the deal, what’s best of all the main thing she concerned herself with is if Jesus got my wheel.’”

So I replied with this..

“I’ll be back in school soon enough, had to handle some other stuff, and as for God in my life no one will ever have more of my love. I put that before all, summer, spring, winter, fall! 365, God is alive within I. I can provide for both of us, even raise a Brady bunch, cause I pray day and night and my Heavenly Father won’t abandon us.”

Sigh of relief.. She says

I never thought this day would come, where I feel I have met the one, the type of relationship that will put God before all and the holy son! I like how your goals are planned, and how you are a godly man, so maybe 4 years from now, you can have my hand ;)

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