Letter to my exes

The first one I did wrong, didn’t deserve you

A lot of foul shit I couldn’t confess to

Couldn’t bear the thought of my actions breaking you down

So I had to cut you off I couldn’t keep you around

Though we never had a fight, not a thing to complain about

My immature actions proved my mind was on a different route

And as perfect as it seemed, the guilt got a hold of me

So for all I put you through afterward, truly my apologies.

The next one, girl you was a little crazy

Not even 2 months in and you talkin bout babies

Not realizing I was pretty much raising you

But the effort went unnoticed, after all the shit I did for you

We moved fast paced and for that I’ll have my regrets

Always accusing me of things that never happened and better yet,

I don’t know if the relationship was for love, or if we just loved the sex

But you were narcissistic, tried controlling too much

Had mental breakdowns, thinking up awful situations and such

Although you did help me start writing poetry more

So I guess thank you for helping me open new doors

But I apologize now for not being what you needed

You always said your biggest fear was me leaving

I realize now that I lied to you too

Cause once I realized I couldn’t make you happy I had to cut all ties with you

So apologize for being someone else who left

But keep your head girl, once you grow up a little more I’m sure you’ll find whose best.

This last one I’d say opened my eyes a lot,

Showed me a lot of personal values I forgot

In my drake voice, she was the female version of me

Twin flame, something never meant to be

But it was funny how the scripted compliments came

And I would always be like, that’s from that movie ugh what’s the name

She would swear nah it’s all sentimental I mean every line

And I would just think back like yea I’ve used that once or twice in my time

For real though, I give you props, your game is intact

I tried to let it slide and I’m a sucka for that

But what’s worse is you got caught up and I still let you slide through

Then it fucked my head up cause I should have been the one to had left you.

So to you I apologize for opening up, showing you how you should be treated like a princess and stuff

Even though I’m sure that’s how all your guys do

After all you got a nice handle on the game don’t you ;)

To you three my apologies

But I can’t name names

So I’ll just call it the good, the bad, and the ugly

Just for all y’all new mans sake