Think our education system could change just a bit…

I understand that a lot of the subjects being taught in schools now a days could be useful in the real world. This all just depends on what you’re planing on doing after you graduate high school. Now to me it doesn’t make sense why children are all being tested on subjects that don’t interest them. Most the time a kid is falling behind in the class is because they don’t understand what is going on correct? Why wouldn’t it make sense to determine where a child could become the most successful and more likely to want to continue in school by the 8th grade. I feel like by then they know what they’re good at and what they like the most because it is “easy” to them. It would make sense to allow them to take classes pertaining to those interests in order to get through school a lot easier and still be successful in American society. It seems to me kids are likely to drop out or fail because they’re being over worked, forced to take classes they will never use in life, and think that school is unimportant because they can’t be an all around good student. If they were to just focus on the subjects they were good at they would want to achieve more. They would feel more confident in being able to accomplish a big goal in their life. I also think it would allow the workforce in America to increase as well! More efficient students being successful all over the country for different talents is what America needs. I personally think it would make us much more intelligent and overall more established as a country. In addition to an increase in graduates, the debt for school would minimize. Not having to take certain classes to begin a career can save you thousands of dollars. This fact would only be shot down simply because America is a corporation not a country. Our leaders don’t want the vast majority to gain knowledge and understanding. They would rather have millions in debt so we’re more dependent upon them and to me this is why we need a change in our educational system.

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