Today was started by me feeling like a champion having felt I’d somehow aced the content from yesterday. I even got a podium position for kahoot (which I immediately lost :D but hey! there’s always next time). We learned how to do arrays and loops today! SUPER CONFUSING to begin with. Let me just write some of it here for my sake.

First off arrays look like this [] , no big deal just two small ‘square’ brackets. WRONG. We can assign a value to this bracket
e.g Diary = []
And if that wasnt enough, we can add some, elements inside of the array!
e.g Diary = [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday]
We also learnt how to pull specific elements out of an array and how you counted them, what syntax to use etc.

After that though is when loops was brought it. I thought my brain was stuck in a logic loop

think_about_loop = true

while think_about_loop != false
puts “better think about loops”

And then combine the two together for more head scratching/ dumbfoundedness that was only resolved with a question or 3.

Diary = [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday]
Diary.each {|Write| puts “Better write your Diary for today”}
#I told this block for each day in diary to write that I need to write my Diary for today

All in all it was a challenging day but I felt reassured with the support from staff and fellow devs. Now I need to sleep before tomorrow.
Goodnight all!

Junior Developer @ Coder Academy