This week we started rails and I have been studying it over the break, still a few things that I didnt understand from looking ahead but I understand how to navigate the files like a boss. MVC (Model View Controller) makes sense and I know how to create files for each but some of the syntax for each of these ideas still has me quite lost. I hope to improve over the next few weeks.

We spent the past 2 weeks working on our Terminal App, that is an app that we made in Ruby. We had to run an idea by our Teachers, then continue to develop it for a full week. Complete with fully documented planning and testing. I created a text based adventure about my life during the pandemic. Having to plan out the app to that extent was quite useful, it helped me to stay on task. Throughout the assessment I continued to work on the app 6 hours a day, day by day until the Saturday where I had mostly…

Errors and Testing, I think I understand these concepts but emulating them is another issue entirely. I think about it like proof reading an essay (which I was terrible at by the way, not to mention I always skim read it). I think I believe more in peer review, the examples of times when I asked a fellow student for help and they immediately pick up on where my code went wrong verses me burning a hole in my screen trying to figure out what went wrong. Or even when I helped someone out with my own observations.

TTD (Test…

Today was a good day. Thanks Ice Cube.

It started with us having an hour to catch up in the morning with our Melbourne group. Worked on a morning challenge about a class Hamburger. It was a good warm up. Then we had a mentor session with https://twitter.com/CodeTravelled which was interesting and had me curious about what I could possibly start to think about or do if I put my mind to it when it comes to code. We looked at art being generated by CSS and making games with Ruby.

After the talk we had a lesson on modules…

Oh boy what a day. Super classes. Inheritance. I thought I understood it in the lecture and then after the break and trying to put it into practice I immediately felt completely out of any element that I would have even associated with.

After all the mistakes I made today though I think I’ll have a better chance of remembering how to do it the right way for next time. I will keep practicing this all weekend just to make sure I got it atleast!

Wish me luck everyone!

Today we did in Ruby a term called Object Oriented Programming (or OOP). It talks about creating “Objects” in your code. It will also be handy as it can be applied to Java, Python and C#, which may come in handy in the future! Today was also the final day of me being “ahead” with all of the pre work I did for the course. That makes me nervous but also excited to see how I go! But I will also be able to use my CodeAcademy subscription usefully again.

Classes have alot of bits I’d describe as fiddly. You…

Today was all about methods, creating them and executing them, but also creating methods to use within another method aswell.
It felt like the day was over fairly quickly. Before I knew it, it was lunch time and then time flew by as we were given our afternoon challenges to sink our teeth into.

Besides methods today was also setting up ubuntu properly on my Linux virtual machine, I eventually got it working to a level I would like (I hope so). My new monitor came in the mail today aswell so hopefully some of the hardships I faced with the virtual machine and running out of tab space on browsers(most of today ina nutshell) will dissapear.

Until next time!

I feel like the fact that today was April fools and that I was recursion was just a major coincidence and nothing more. Well luckily I have more time to get my head around it for the future.

Today we learnt about hashes and symbols, about keys and values and how to access them using a few tools at our disposal. The lesson went over well for me, some, but not all of it reminded me that I had already done this while doing the pre-work. I hope that with more practice of; loops, arrays, hashes and symbols, that it…

Today was started by me feeling like a champion having felt I’d somehow aced the content from yesterday. I even got a podium position for kahoot (which I immediately lost :D but hey! there’s always next time). We learned how to do arrays and loops today! SUPER CONFUSING to begin with. Let me just write some of it here for my sake.

First off arrays look like this [] , no big deal just two small ‘square’ brackets. WRONG. We can assign a value to this bracket
e.g Diary = []
And if that wasnt enough, we can add some, elements…

Wow! What a day. I think if there is a few things that I can assuredly say about today is;

  1. When it comes to writing code that asks you to pick a range of numbers “.between?(0,6)” is your best friend. I think I spent possibly an hour trying to attempt using “Integer == (0..6)” to no avail and got very familiar with some flip flop error.
  2. If you are writing a Case or elsif. Do. Not. Forget. To. Write. Else. …


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