It’s Not Okay to Hate Hillary Clinton
Jennifer Hoelzer

When I was a child, I learned it wasn’t okay to hate people. Even all of the spiritual wisdom books talk about how evil hatred is. However, middle America has a weird persecuted personality so we feel that no one has a right to tell us what we can or cannot do even if its ridiculous. If your article said ‘It’s not okay to be poor’, nobody will say “ Don’t tell me what to do! I have a right to be poor if I want to be”.

This persecution complex is the single reason why Trump has been successful so far. All he had to say was that ‘all Mexican immigrants are rapists’ and that ‘he would be a great president but people are against him’ and that was it! That’s all he needed — middle America wanted a politician who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and they were willing to give him the keys to the kingdom!

I am really glad you wrote what you wrote. I will be looking deeper into Clinton’s career. Don’t mind people -thanks to social media, you don’t need facts. You just need to be as emotional and vitriolic as you can! These people aren’t even thinking about what they are saying. They are literally arguing about their right to hate — if their kids came up to them and said “I can hate anyone I want because I’m American!” they would probably cry with joy. They are so filled to the rim with White Male Privilege that they a) act as if no white man in the history of politics has ever lied before or sought to have ultimate power b) forget that Trump will say something to your face ON VIDEO and then say he never said it and c) can’t deal with the fact that a woman can possibly be in power (forgetting the fact that England has ruled the world with women in charge). Trump has never even paid taxes but that is okay because he hates Mexicans and he is a rich white man who speaks his mind. Trump grabs women’s genetalia and says he can do it because he’s rich and women wear “Trump can grab my ____ anytime!” If Hilary did what he did she would never have a chance.

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