Accountability and Performance

I m a Ugandan citizen, currently residing in the United States. In view of my background, I would like to share and learn on the concept of accountability and how it can be improved to stimulate high performance.

Accountability is a management concept which is as old as humankind but is not applied as widely as its known.For the Christians,accountability was put into practice when God asked Adam and Eve to explain their actions in the Garden of Eden. Accountability means being answerable for your actions or inaction. It can be broken down into reports,meetings,visibility,time management,accounting,revenue collection,budgeting among others. Accountability should be at individual,team or organizational levels though some scholars and practitioners tend to concentrate on only organizational accountability. This because it is the individuals who make teams which eventually translate into organizations and nations. So if the individuals who are the cornerstones and foundations are not grounded in the accountability concept,the organizations will be weak and this will adversely affect performance.

Governments,scholars and research agree that there is a positive correlation between accountability and performance. This implies that an increase in accountability will lead to an increase in performance and while the reverse will truly occur. It is therefore of paramount importance that the subject matter of accountability and its relation to performance is discussed by all and sundry in order to uplift the standard of humankind.