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Christine Tsai is a founding partner of 500 Startups. She had previously worked at Google and Youtube, and is an all-around awesome person.

Given that she leads the world’s most active seed-stage investment firm and has invested in over 1500 companies since 2009, she is one of the premier authorities on speaking about entrepreneurship. Given that the only company she has started was a venture capital firm, she holds unique value on both ends of the table.

Christine only very recently started writing posts on Medium this year, and both posts have to do with growing companies and the relationships between the people within them as companies scale.

She takes a very genuine and mom-like approach to her posts with her insightful advice and calm demeanor. Both of her posts have standard click-bait titles like “6 Things To Expect When Your Company Hits 100 People” and “4 Realizations From My Day In Prison”, but the content is not click-bait at all. Given that she is a novice writer, I think that the separation of her post into different points gives her structure and helps readers come out with takeaways that they can easily point back to.

Her most recent post was extremely well-received within the VC and entrepreneurship community as it shed light on hot-button topics like diversity and underrepresentation of Black and Latino people in the startup and venture capital community. Rather than igniting a debate, she states her beliefs with such grace and candor that the comments section was nothing but positive.

Christine is someone who I respect very much and I’m extremely excited to keep following her posts.

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