Mend — Devlog 12

Designing a game about my relationship with self harm and recovery

Character Redesign

As I’m quickly approaching the end of my thesis year, I wanted to take time to make some important decisions about the project.

I’ve been having difficulty throughout the past two terms making any kind of definitive decisions. I have been really focused on trying to predict how players will react to different parts of my game before making it and letting them try for themselves.

This made things really difficult as you could imagine.

So, recently I decided to spend time reviewing the experience from start to finish and finalizing the game’s details. One thing I found helpful was to re-write those details as if it were a script for a film. This helped me focus on the details that were essential to the experience and remove those that weren’t.

Character test in engine

I’ve narrowed down the experience to three short vignettes that I think best describe the experience. The game now focuses on the player-character confronting three difficult components of their recovery. Each vignette is designed in a way that they should be able to stand alone.

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