On the need for a C# Renaissance
Ian Cooper

What we need is .net core and vs code. I think Microsoft is in the good direction.
But actually the implementation has a lot of problems that may, as usual, be corrected by the 2.0 version. ;-)
With this 2 tools, I don’t see big advantages of go or java over .net but nodejs keep things like server side rendering and reuse of front web javascript language, 2 things you will never get with .net (except someday with web assembly ?).
Another thing is that Microsoft is old and has a really bad image for modern developers, even if .nets tools are more open(source) than a lot of things around java.

Young new dev want new things, new framework, new cool stuff. We don’t have all of that and frankly I really don’t need it and I am more interested of “modern design patterns” than new cool stuff that will die 2 years latter, but they do need this stuff and learn new things.

As a big F# lover (to annonce my biais) I think our best way to differentiate from other community is to try to develop the F# usage. It’s a really good language, capable, far better than the degenerated monster scala (yes it’s hard but it’s from a jvm/scala developer), and one of the rare language today that bring the benefits of static (protection with rich typing, richer than the C# one) and dynamic (concise code thanks to type inference).