How to beat the system — finally, a way to hide yourself on Facebook

Starting to get worried about how exposed you feel on Facebook? Well, here’s a simple solution for you!

Step 1. Click here or

Step 2. Celebrate your freedom!

In all seriousness, that wasn’t meant to be offensive, but deleting your Facebook is really the only option we have left to prevent the money-hungry devil of a in sheepskin from stealing OUR personal information. Sad, but true, in this day and age, the trends point in one direction only, PUBLICIZING your life. Everyone wants to know everything about everyone, and technology is making it that much easier by preventing YOU from privatizing YOUR stuff. Crazy right?? Makes me want to boycott Facebook by deleting my own account, but I’m hesitant because I still want to keep in contact with people within Facebook. So, my solution to this, as you are probably here for, is; “How to hide yourself from Facebook”, with every measure that you can. (Besides the drastic one of deleting your account.)

Look over here!

A tutorial on Facebook Privacy, by Facebook themselves. It’s a long and tedious procedure, but who better to learn from then the creators themselves! It’ll teach you the most basic things you can do, such as change who can see yours posts and profile, and who can see where you’ve been tagged. (IMO I feel that they made this process long and tedious just to ward us off.)

One other thing I can suggest is to use this extension! (I’m not advertising, I swear!) Its called PlusPrivacy, and it allows you to control your privacy not just Facebook, but on other social networks too! There’s also many additional useful features (like it couldn’t get any better)! One that I particularly find interesting is that they have an option for you to get your OWN deals from privacy-selling. I mean, if Facebook is making some bucks off of my personal data, why not join in? As bad as that sounds, it’s just my way of getting back at them.

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