The week in corruption, 17 April 2020

There is no dollar amount that could bring back the 147,000 lives COVID-19 has already claimed. But money can help prevent more fatalities and protect the livelihoods of those who are suffering from economic consequences of the pandemic.

International financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World…

The week in corruption, 4 April 2020

In the coronavirus era, there are two kinds of decisions: emergency responses to the crisis and everything else.

As worldwide lockdowns and states of emergency limit public oversight, it is becoming increasingly clear that any ongoing non-emergency business that requires thorough deliberation needs to be postponed. …

The week in corruption, 27 March 2020

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to affect more and more countries, yesterday our thirteen national chapters across Latin America published guidance that will help governments in the region stop critical emergency funds being lost to corruption.

Also this week, our office in the United States asked the Congress to include…

The week in corruption, 20 March 2020

It has been a difficult week with coronavirus spreading to even more countries and infection rates growing along with the death toll.

The coronavirus pandemic has unfolded into a global crisis that calls for urgent global solutions. The role of multilateral fora like the G7, G20, International Monetary Fund and…

While there is still a long way towards effective implementation, Vietnam finally has a law affirming citizens’ right to information. Transparency International’s national chapter actively contributed to the legislative process, helping ensure a stronger legal framework.

When Vietnam’s Law on Access to Information took effect in July 2018, it was long overdue. For many years, citizens had found it very difficult to get government guidance on vital issues like health care, borrowing and employment. Businesses had needed to use personal connections to access information held by…

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