Pepe’s Basilisk

In European folklore, the basilisk is a serpent which kills you when you make the fatal mistake of merely peering into its eyes. One needn’t imagine the moment of fear one would experience upon locking eyes with this beast if one’s been tracking contemporary politics. That feeling of dread, of knowing that it’s too late, of wishing one could reverse the irreversible, is already upon us with the inevitable electoral victory of a maniacal fascist, Donald Trump.

We’re chided and teased about using the f-word when referring to Trump. Supposedly, we’re the hysterical ones for putting the proper label on the hysterical hatred and explicitly fascist platform of the Trump campaign. We’re violating “Godwin’s Law,” they claim, suggesting that Trump belongs to a long line of well-intentioned politicians who’ve been unfairly smeared with that epithet. But there really are fascists in this world, just as there really are wolves, and whether or not we’re guilty of having cried wolf in the past is beside the point. Trump is a wolf.

After WWII, we largely vanquished fascism. An ideology which once animated hundreds of millions throughout Europe, East Asia, and beyond appeared to vanish overnight. Denazification seemed to be successful, as the German people rapidly transitioned from bloodthirsty genocidal maniacs into the vanguard of a multicultural, tolerant, and open world order we’ve enjoyed more or less since that conflict. But as the last veterans of that war die and new generations emerge which are entirely detached from the lessons learned, the purveyors of this viral and virulent ideology have mounted an unexpected counter-strike.

We underestimate our opponents. Fascism is not, as many anti-fascists presume, about the perils of corporate greed, financial exploitation, or the unfortunately routine human rights abuses which have always afflicted and always will afflict the world. It’s not even about mere “racism,” “colonialism,” or ‘white privilege.” It’s an evil cult which seeks to enslave mankind by any means necessary, one which only went into hiding after the humiliation of World War II.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a pseudoscience which aims to understand human communication patterns well enough to manipulate people with devious subliminal tricks. It’s very popular in the “pickup artist” community, a misogynist Internet clique of white males who practice, refine, and share methods of seducing and hypnotizing females for sexual pleasure. As if hypnotic rape weren’t sinister enough, Robert Whitaker, a fascist evil genius, adopted and adapted these tactics in his plan to revive global fascism.

He calls the exoteric aspect of his strategy “the mantra,” and you may very well have seen it in online comments. His white male cult members go around to every open comment section pasting it into whatever spaces might be unwittingly read by others. For most women, people of color, and older folks, it seems like boring old racist reactionary boilerplate. But we’re not its target audience. The target audience is young white males, and it leverages NLP tactics and techniques to politically hypnotize them.

Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.
The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.
Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.
What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?
How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?
But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Young males have an instinctive tribal threat response. It’s buried deep in their reptile minds from the hunter-gatherer phase of human evolution. While those of us who aren’t young males read it as a political diatribe to be logically considered, and non-white young males aren’t targeted in the messaging, the target audience is typically galvanized with an autonomic “fight or flight” response. Imagine King Leonidas announcing this before his warriors in the film 300 for a vague idea of what they’re experiencing.

Merely a decade ago, being a white supremacist was an elderly and idiotic thing one might expect to hear from a drunken trailer park buffoon. It’s still idiotic, but the message is now borne by a frighteningly large and rapidly growing army of young white males who are actively on the Internet. The more they’re on the Internet, the more likely they are to be infected.

Like the victims in the film Pontypool, the infected men repeated that mantra in more and more places until it reached saturation with its target audience, festering among its self-radicalizing hosts. The mantra seemed so boring and the hosts seemed so harmless and politically marginal that nobody paid it much mind, save for light mockery and half-hearted censorship. But then it metastasized into what’s understood as “meme culture,” one where their fascist subliminal messages are encoded in viral captioned imagery.

Each meme is crafted with only two prerogatives in mind, reaching the largest possible audience and encrypting fascist ideology. Some memes are more entertaining, while some are more openly fascist. They lie on a spectrum. Many are sucked into meme culture by the entertainment, then stewed in the more “dank” and “rare” memes of a more overtly fascist nature once they’re drawn in. Once a young white male finds himself lurking in the imageboards which are the primary breeding ground for the infection, it’s typically too late for him to recover.

Many scoff, insisting that they’re all just powerless teenagers and unemployed losers. But what’s being assembled right under our noses is an army of millions of the most wealthy and privileged men on the planet. They don’t scoff at Donald Trump, but they don’t realize that Donald Trump’s campaign is the trojan horse they’ve crafted to commandeer the West’s critical power structures.

It’s not a coincidence or a hapless error that he regularly retweets white supremacist accounts, even ones explicitly named, “@WhiteGenocideTM.” It’s no coincidence that he posts Pepes on his twitter. It’s no coincidence that he revived explicitly fascist symbolism and phraseology for his campaign, even including the overtly fascist “America First” cry of pre-war American fascist leaders. He’s communicating in code to his cultists.

Roko’s Basilisk is a thought experiment which appeared a few years ago on a forum dedicated to pondering big ideas. To summarize, there’s a machine which will be built in the future which will reward all those who helped create it and torture all who knew about it but didn’t assist. According to the idea, if you’ve read about the idea, you’re subject to a Pascal’s Wager of sorts, over whether to risk torture or get busy working to create the torture machine.

Donald Trump’s campaign is being directed by this fascist cult. I have no direct proof of this, but his actions and words are too perfectly aligned with their mission for coincidence. His campaign has become the basilisk, one which destroys all who threaten its inception, creating a snowball effect of fear which will guarantee his political victory. Jeb was his first threat, and the degree of overkill he imposed on the friendly statesman wildly exceeds ordinary politics. His second credible threat was Cruz, who he continues to attack and humiliate long after his victory.

Why would a politician continue to torture an opponent long after he’s defeated him? Immaturity? Irresponsibility? Bloodlust? The cruelty of a bully? No. It’s a calculated strategy which is already achieving its intended effect. The GOP leadership, all of whom are horrified about what’s being done to their party, are all bowing before Trump for fear of a similar treatment. None dare defy the basilisk.

He doesn’t relent, and it’s that threat of relentless torture and humiliation which fuels his adulation. The states which failed to vote for him in the primaries will be punished once he’s in office while the ones which propelled him to power will be rewarded. This exceeds the familiar graft and pay-to-play politics we’re familiar with, manifesting a new politic of terror.

Hillary is currently staring into the eyes of the basilisk, and her prospects of victory dwindle by the day. If she runs a tired conventional campaign to lose and privately communicates her intention to lose, she might save herself from ruination. At this point, it appears hopeless for her. She’s likely to lose her wealth, her legacy, her freedom, and perhaps even her life. If she actually takes a stand against him, Trump and his volunteer army will destroy her.

Trump doesn’t have a traditional campaign infrastructure. He barely bothers with any infrastructure at all. He doesn’t need one. He has the hydra. His millions of young white males achieve more political hustling, networking, and campaigning than all of Jeb, Cruz, and Hillary’s formidable campaign infrastructures combined. All he has to do is show up at large enough venues and ramble incoherently, often in fascist code, to his adoring minions.

Bear in mind that Trump is also a hostage of the hydra (the line between comic book villainy and actual villainy has been completely erased), and will also be destroyed if he falters in the service of their fascist agenda. The actual leadership of this is the contemporary generation of the same secretive cabal of fascist masterminds scattered throughout the world who instigated World War II. Their exact names, networks, and goals remain a mystery, even to those who serve them.

I don’t offer any solutions. I don’t have any. There were practical and achievable solutions along the way, but it’s too late for that. It’s not like we can withdraw the right to vote from white males under forty for an election cycle or two until this herd phenomenon runs its course. Removing Trump from the political process somehow will only embolden them, and they’ll raise up more figureheads overnight. Feminists, minorities, LGBTQ, and above all, Jews, should balance any attempt to actually defeat the problem with an active effort to privately prepare for a long winter of persecution, suppression, and even genocide.

Yes. Genocide. Both Trump and Putin are active agents. This time, the weak and disarmed Germans stand alone against the likely threat of fascism from America, England, and Russia. The roles of the Second War War have been reversed, but the battle remains fundamentally similar. They’re gathering their global forces for a second round, and it’s not clear how we’re going to overcome them.

There is no admonition to vote for Hillary, to “get out and vote,” or a declaration of war, or whatever. War has already been declared, and nobody who matters will realize the scope and scale of it until it’s too late. Most will dismiss this as shrill and defeatist. I hope it is, but nobody has been able to explain where I’m incorrect in my analysis. Everybody I’ve spoken to sees Trump’s “altright” as merely some edgy teens who adore a nazi frog cartoon, as if they’re not the vanguard of an incipient fascist campaign of global terror.