AutoVIN’s Transformation Experience

In 2012, Freddie Lowe, Harish Pai, Jeremy Dibble, Johnathan Watkins (@jhwatkins3), Julius Hamelberg, Kirsten Erwin, Mark Noyce, Rick Fouts, and Sherry Westfield partnered with John Bartley, Gary Watkins, Joshua Greig, and Marie Johnson among others in an enterprise-scale business and technology transformation of AutoVIN, who is affiliated with ADESA and KAR Auction Services.

The transformation focused on greater organizational health and business outcomes — improved performance through greater creativity & innovativeness with efficiency & effectiveness, improved human well-being through less dysfunction, and greater internal integration and external adaptation.

This is their story . . . shared in their own words . . . (Slides and Full-Audio)

This transformation experience pioneered many techniques captured in The Antifragility Edge: Antifragility in Practice.

Embracing a natural struggle while adapting and evolving towards discovering and delivering value was foundational in leveraging the power of stress (that is, “closing the office”).

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