How a weekly routine is better for your business than a daily one

While most successful people have daily routines, it is also important
to take a weekly view of your life or business and here are a few reasons why.

Why a daily scheduled routine will not always work for you.

Whether it’s your job demands or your family issues each day is not always
the same. You can not necessarily do the same thing Monday morning that
you could on a Saturday especially if you’re not going to work for the office.

Some activities are better done on certain days than other ones. For example, I have found that Saturday is the worst day for me to send twitter updates. By checking my account I see that Saturdays are the days when the least amount of my audience is using Twitter.

Also other activities may be best done on certain days. Saturday or Sunday is often easier to find time to create extra content for the next week because I don’t have as many other items on my agenda.

Why a weekly routine is better for planning your daily activities

Setting weekly deadlines for your activities means you do not have to get
frustrated or feel guilty if you were unable to get to a task on a certain day.
Allowing the flexibility of a weekly schedule gives you more freedom to make last minute adjustments to your schedule.

For your social networking activities, your vision should not be based on a
single day because you’re data intelligence does not come in that quickly.

For example I use to manage all my Twitter activity. Each week
it tells me who my top engagers are, my top re-tweeters, and many
other valuable insights towards my Twitter activity.

Tips for starting your day off right:

It is far too easy to fall into the trap of logging into your social accounts first thing in the morning when you get up. While this can be a great way to
motivate and inspire you (specially if you have had a lot of activities from
the night before) it can also be a great source of distraction.

If it is your intention to create quality content for your readers, then it may be a good idea to get your content creation out of the way before you start
checking email or catching up with your contacts.

3 Reasons that planning your week out into a daily schedule will save
you peace of mind

1) You will have the entire last week’s worth of results to form a bigger, better picture of what you want to accomplish this week.

2) Since each morning you will already know what needs to be done there
will be no room for second guessing or doubts.

3) That new shiny object floating across your desk or mobile will have
less power over you. (plan a daily shiny objects block too).


Planning out your daily schedules based on a weekly vision will allow
you to be more flexible, get more done (by doing more of certain activities
on specific days, like writing on Sundays) and have access to more days
worth of intelligence
because you can look back on the previous week.

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