Statism Is Killing Creativity
Katherine Revello

Ayn? Is that you?

The problem with this analysis, aside from the internalized misogyny, is that it misses the reason for the problem. Societies tend to produce accretions of power, in much the same way that bacterial colonies tend to have a center.

This is not a vice of the state—it is a vice of society. If you want to avoid it, the only way to do it is a rapid program of population reduction. In ten generations, perhaps we could be down to a world population small enough that such accretions need not naturally form any more.

But of course that presupposes a way to achieve such a reduction other than some mad scientist with a virus; such a way would, ironically, involve a new accretion of power, since clearly it is not the natural desire of humanity to reduce its population. It further presupposes that such a reduction is desirable, when clearly there is no consensus that it is.

The point being, the solution to all problems of this sort, like it or not, involves cooperation. If we want government to be less ridden with vice, we have to cooperate to reduce it: to hold our public servants accountable to the public. It is not to get rid of public servants altogether; doing so is like bailing a leaky boat. The smaller you make government, the bigger corporations get in response. We don’t have any say in what corporations do; we do have a say in what governments do. So shrinking government ultimately is self-defeating, unless we do it in a way that doesn’t simply transfer the corruption to corporations.