Four National Parks To Visit In Georgia Country

Individuals who want to travel to the beautiful country of Georgia in Eastern Europe will be amazed at the scenic views all around them when they visit Georgia country national parks. Read the information below to learn about four amazing national park attractions that are popular for Tourism in Georgia country.

Kolkheti National Park

Individuals who enjoy bird watching will not want to miss their chance to visit Kolkheti National Park. This park is located in the western area of the country and is bordered by the Supsa and Tikori rivers. Eurasian and African waterfowls migrate along this stretch of land each year.

Visitors will be amazed at the numerous species of birds that are found in and around this national park. When looking for things to do in georgia, travelers can take a pontoon or motorboat ride and enjoy the scenery that surrounds the Paliastomi Lake. Individuals will get a first-hand look at the wetlands of the area and several migratory bird species.

Prometheus Cave

Individuals who are captivated by caves will want to visit Prometheus Cave during their Georgia country visit. Travelers have been visiting this site since 1984 when the cave was first discovered. Tourists will see stalagmites, stalactites, petrified waterfalls and curtains among the 16 different halls inside the cave.

Visitors can take the walking tour of the cave or view the cave while traveling in a boat in the underground river. Neon lights are set up inside the cave to enhance the spectacular beauty of this natural wonder.

Mtirala National Park

When travelers asked about places to visit in georgia they’re often encouraged to stop at Mtirala National Park. This park features beautiful waterfalls and a large array of trees that make up the dense forest. Visitors can view an abundance of beech wood, chestnut, and cherry laurel trees while hiking the trails.

Additional activities for tourists include horseback riding and bird watching. Individuals can also picnic on the grounds of this national park and spend the night in the campground.

Okatse Canyon

Travelers who enjoy the beauty of a flowing waterfall won’t be disappointed when they visit Okatse Canyon, which is situated close to Gordi village. As visitors walk along the pedestrian trail in the Okatse Canyon, they’ll be mesmerized by the number of waterfalls they’ll observe while on the path. The height of the Kinchkha waterfall, which is located in the canyon, ranks high on the list of the tallest waterfalls in this country.

In addition to viewing the waterfalls, visitors will also enjoy the natural beauty of the Dadiani forest. Travelers can walk along the hanging path that starts at the visitors center and stop at the observation deck for a scenic view of the entire area.

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