The Antinatalist Manifesto by u/antiprocreation

The Antinatalist Manifesto by /u/antiprocreation

We were forcefully brought into existence even though we weren’t asked to be born, nor consented thereto. This is unsolicited. Our parents brought us into existence knowing that every human die very well, without a shadow of guilt. How can’t procreation with knowledge it would lead to death sooner or latter in due course of time, well within 130 years a murder? Even if we choose not to call it a murder, it’s because it’s more heinous crime, not less heinous crime than a murder. Murder only make death happen a few decades earlier of somebody who was condemned to death by procreation; whereas procreation condemn nonexistent person to life and death, making the victim suffer up to about 120 years and die. If murder is a crime, procreation is a sin. The consequence of every procreation is fatal and tragic.

Lack of capacity to give consent do not mean somebody can inflict any action to the person that lacks capacity to give informed consent. For example, minor under the age of consent deemed to lack capacity to give consent, so any sexual contact with such minor is deemed rape unconditionally (statutory rape). Even though for example, medical treatment, vaccination and compulsory education is inflicted without informed consent of child, such action is deemed to be (whether real or purported) best interest of the child to be justifiable. For procreation, the child neither given consent thereto nor have any interest to come into existence, although once came into existence, the child may have interest to continue their existence.

Life is indeed life imprisonment without eligibility for parole, followed by the death penalty. Even if we are natural born citizen of our country of citizenship, our stay is only allowed temporarily; we can get deported from the cosmos at any time, condemned to death and executed for illegal immigration. Nobody on the planet allowed to stay for more than 130 years, everybody was deported, i.e. executed before she becomes 130 years old.

Article 2, Paragraph 2 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union stipulates that “No one shall be condemned to the death penalty, or executed.”. How can’t be every procreation a condemnation to death? How can’t be every death an execution? Indeed, execution is only making death a few decades earlier.

Death is the end of every thing, an annihilation; that’s all. If we are already condemned to life, we can continue to live without suiciding. But why breed to only endure excruciating torment for decades and die? Breed to exploit as a human companion animal? Breed to provide a sibling? Breed to exploit as an insurance and pension for old age? Breed as an investment? Breed to perpetuate genes and last name? Breed to brainwash your religion or ideology? Breed to perpetuate tribe, nation or human race? Breed because sex with a condom is less pleasant? Breed because contraception is inconvenient? Breed because abortion is inconvenient? Breed for no reason at all? How selfish could it be breeding for such frivolous reasons or no reason at all?

6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. 6 million people are killed by procreation every 40 days. (about 55 million people die every year, they wouldn’t die if they weren’t brought into existence) Procreation is indeed the cause of 100% of deaths in the world. Procreation is a violence causing more death than any kind of cause of death, including cancer, war, malaria, AIDS/HIV. Holocaust rescuer the late Sir Nicholas Winton rescued 669 children from holocaust, now about 7,000 people are estimated to be alive because of him. More than 6,000 people condemned to life and death by 669 people rescued. Preponderant chance seems to be all these 6,000 people die on or before the heat death of the universe (likely within a few decades) unless technological singularity somehow enables us to cheat the heat death. (potential future) Death toll of 6,000 is the twice of the death toll of the September 11 attacks, 2,996.

As the partial destruction of the brain is the partial destruction of self, complete destruction of the brain is complete destruction of self. Death in neuroscience means reversal to nonexistence before birth; procreation is a reversible process by death. But philosophically, procreation before birth is nonexistence of no one, i.e. no one is actually subject to nonexistence; whereas nonexistence after death is nonexistence of somebody theretofore existed, i.e. one specific person is subject to nonexistence, annihilated, completely destroyed and become no more.

There’re documented cases of procreation to harvest organ, for example, bone mallow or a kidney to provide for one’s child with a disease, for example, leukemia or renal failure. But if we think procreation to exploit to save another life is evil, we must conclude that procreation to exploit for frivolous reasons or for no reason at all is eviler. Nobody can procreate for the sake of nonexistent person. Unless it’s for the sake of a person brought into existence, it’s exploitation of a person brought into existence for the sake of somebody else; instrumentalization thereof.

In 2006, Federal Constitutional Court of Germany declared a clause of Aviation Security Act thereof that enabled German Air Force to shoot down hijacked airplane unconstitutional for the reason it was violation of human dignity, which is protected unconditionally and absolutely by Article 1 of the Basic Law (Constitution) therefor; treating innocent people on board as mere means, instrumentalizing them. If killing one person in order to save humankind is a violation of human dignity, how procreation for selfish reasons, and thereby inflicting them an immense amount of suffering for decades and finally die cannot be a fundamental violation of human dignity? Procreation is a fundamental violation of human dignity clause of the Article 1 of Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, Article 1 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A potential person who wasn’t born will never die. Eternal life is impossible, but immortality is possible by not coming into existence. Of course, we are already born, it’s too late. But we can prevent our potential descendants condemned to life and thereby condemned to death. Indeed, procreation is the root of all evil. If there’s no procreation, there would be no death, war, massacre, cancer, malaria, AIDS/HIV, refugee crisis, female genital mutilation, rape, and in numerous human rights violations. If there’s no procreation, Hitler, Stalin and Mao weren’t brought into existence, no person to die under regimes thereof. But as 6 million Jews were killed by the holocaust, procreation and governmental aid and abet of such crime killing 6 million people in 40 days. Although our death ageism obscuring facing this fact, we should face the truth.

We have a duty not to bring a potential person who will suffer. But we don’t have any duty to bring a potential person who will be so-called happy. No pleasure can compensate any suffering and, death. A person under the least bad condition too suffering immense amount, that includes, but not limited to, menstrual pain, urination and defecation, female and male genital mutilation, corporal punishment, compulsory education, immigration regulation, incarceration, governmental regulation, dictatorship, totalitarianism, human rights violations, restriction of freedom and rights, taxation, fatigue, general weakness, hunger, starvation, HIV/AIDS, malaria, cancer, dementia, disability, unrequited love, discrimination, inequality, poverty, scarcity, boredom, diminishing marginal utility and disutility of labour. Even a person under the least bad condition can’t purchase all goods and services. Even a person under the bad worst condition can’t escape death.

Millions of people care about sufferings in the world and try to alleviate it. Yet very few of them realize people will not suffer if they are not brought into existence. Indeed, the only way to prevent suffering -not just alleviate- of the potential person concerned is not to bring that person into existence. Of course, it’s too late for people who were already brought into existence. But it’s not too late to save potential person about to be brought into existence from suffering.

Whereas all so-called humanitarianisms heretofore only pertain to an alleviation of suffering and save no life, only procrastinating death a few decades, thereby extending their time of suffering a few decades; antinatalism is only humanitarianism that prevents suffering and death, saving potential people from life. Only antinatalism can eliminate the very need of alleviation or elimination of suffering.

If we recognize human dignity, human rights or freedom of the potential person about to be brought into existence, procreation is not consistent with the principle of human dignity, human rights or freedom. It should be noted that procreations are conducted with the knowledge of all the human miseries their child about to face, including violence, disease, and death. If procreation is conducted with the knowledge of miseries of life, how can we deny procreation indeed is a form of violence?

Indeed forceful infliction of unsolicited life to more than 130 million people every year is the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

Do your (potential) daughters and sons a ‘favor’, and a duty, by not to forcefully breeding them, saving her/him from life, the only way you can save them from all sufferings and death of your children.

Do your friends’ (potential) children a favor, and a duty, by convincing them not to commit a sin of procreation, saving them from life, the only way you can save them from all sufferings and death.

The cosmos is gigantic annihilation camp. Let us end the vicious cycle of life; the curse of the selfish gene.

Dear sisters and brothers, let us take the honorable course of therapeutic extinction.

Antinatalists of all countries, unite!