Getting the Tooth Enamel Re-Mineralized

If your teeth appear having white or brown spots, or they appear weaker, it can be a case of demineralization of teeth. One thing worth mentioning here is that demineralization of teeth doesn’t mean that your teeth enamel is damaged. In fact, it indicates that such problems can occur in the future. Thus, you can get this problem treated without much of a trouble at this stage. Nevertheless, it is not the time when you should delay things to get worse.

What is demineralization?

As the name suggests, demineralization is the process of getting the mineral content in your teeth reduced. Generally, it can be regarded as the first step towards tooth decay and it occurs due to acting against dentist’s instructions. It is the minerals which make tooth enamel the strongest part of your body. And it is quite obvious that these minerals have to be lost in order to make way for the tooth decay to occur. After demineralization, the tooth becomes weak; and plaque find no resistance in piercing though the weak enamel, leading to the infection spreading into the vulnerable parts of the tooth. This entire process can lead to tooth loss in the end.

Another downside of demineralization is that it makes the teeth less attractive. You will not be able to take care of your oral hygiene in an easier way if your teeth are demineralized.

Avoiding demineralization

The major reason for teeth demineralization in developed counties is the use of acidic foods and beverages. Moreover, your tooth enamel can weaken drastically if you brush too hard or remain careless about your oral hygiene.

The bad news is that tooth enamel cannot be restored or regenerated because it doesn’t consist of the regenerative tissues such as skin or bone. Moreover, there is no other part in the human body that can be used for grafting of tooth enamel. However, the lost minerals in the teeth at some level can be reloaded with the help of a process called re-mineralization. An inorganic chemical compound, known as Fluoride, can be quite effective in this regard.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is the naturally occurring mineral which can reload lost minerals in the teeth. This process can lead to the strengthening of teeth enamel once again. One thing worth mentioning is that we naturally get fluoride through saliva but this amount might not be enough in order to re-mineralize teeth which would lose minerals in big chunks. However, you can consult your dentist to get the fluoride treatment at professional level. You will also be suggested to use some fluoride products such as fluoride toothpaste and fluoride gel. Fluoride supplementation is another option but you will need to get yourself well examined before you start using supplements.