I’ll shake your hand.

So many folks are writing about the outcome of this election. I’m going to write about hope instead. It may seem like the angry mob are in the majority. There is a lot of anger around and we’ve been molded to fear for so long… it is not surprising that the anger has followed.

Last night my neighbor was locked out of his apartment. It’s pretty easy to jump onto the balcony and get in, but he refused to do so. He was afraid someone would call the police. My husband offered to do it, but he thanked us and waited for his roommate. My 7 year old daughter wanted to know why it was ok for dad to go on the balcony and not the neighbor. “Is it because you are white daddy?” Although we rarely talk about race in that way, she asked the question that way just the same.

I don’t want to live this way. I don’t. I like my neighbors and I hope they are ok with us too. I will be your neighbor. I’ll shake your hand. If some dickhead paints a swastika on your garage door, I’ll come over with a bucket and a scrub brush. If someone paints one on mine, I’ll be out there with a scrub brush. Come on by, I’ve got Guinness in the fridge.

It sucks that things are this way. The police are no longer ours and government is shameful, but I’m going to continue to be a good neighbor and I’ll shake your hand.