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Here’s why we need #TEDxGurugram

There are 365 days in a year. How do you make each count? How many of these days do you get a chance to be surrounded by great speakers, discuss ideas that do greater good to you, your city and the world or meet people from different spheres of life outside your daily grind, or for that matter of fact attend a city level TEDx event?

We are just 6 days away from weaving the #FabricOfChange in Gurugram. There are really exciting ideas coming up which are going to make a difference. We have you covered here in our conference :)

This event is a call for all the changemakers, big thinkers, high minded doers and active listeners who want to get nurtured with good ideas and spread them. And if you are still questioning your presence at the event, here are the best reasons why our city and all of us need #TEDxGurugram:

To explore the power of ideas that can make a difference in the world

An idea is a complicated thing and it can only eventuate if we take time to ventilate it, believe in its power and ask questions. These ideas inspire curiosity and encourage the insatiable pursuit of answers. Through TEDxGurugram we will ignite a fire that can excite your mind and help to put these ideas together.

To meet people from all types of disciplines, skill sets and places in life who share one common curiosity

People (including you) are the representatives of the rapid pace of change. Be it our speakers who are just like you and me, but have ideas that reciprocate a sense of humanity, imagination and emotions or the audience that brings forward a fresh set of eyes to understand their perspective. TEDxGurugram is giving you a platform to meet and develop lasting relations with amazing humans that are as curious as your are, have different skills and share different ideologies in a direct and almost vulnerable way.

To sit down and introspect about yourself and your life

Attending a TEDx event becomes a personal journey altogether. It makes you think what did I come to do? You get a chance to introspect yourself based on the ideas you hear and become a vessel for sharing them with the world. This journey of introspection pushes you to take an action towards your dreams. Think, how often do you really take the time to introspect? We give you a full day for it!

To know the society you live in better

How many of us ignore the challenges around us or only retweet a post on Twitter? Did we ever get a chance to discuss the issues that are rooted in our community or find our hidden under-celebrated heroes? TEDxGurugramoffers you a place to explore facts about your city through walkable art installations, experience photography exhibitions, have inspiring conversations, listen to great TEDx talks and network.

We are certain that attending TEDxGurugram will not just kickstart good ideas and great thinking, but turn your interests into action.

Meet your tribe on Sunday, 6th November at the Epicentre! We are convinced you won’t regret it.

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DATE: 6th November
VENUE: Epicentre, Gurgaon
TIME: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Experience on 22,000 sq ft — 10 inspiring TEDxTalks, Walkable Art Installations, Technology Innovations, Photography Exhibitions, Networking & Food

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TEDxGurugram is an independently organized TED-like event. It’s our aim to bring people together, generate meaningful conversations and share ideas worth spreading. With it’s theme FABRIC OF CHANGE the event aims to explore how the impact for change lies in the hands of each individual with no limit to possiblities to act each day.