Why You Should Care About All The Music Startups, Alive And Dead, Whose Name Starts With “Gig”
Cherie Hu

How did I miss this! The point about “promoters and artists willingness to adopt new technology” is spot on. This is one reason we (Gigger) have spun out a search engine powered by a rather clever crawler. It means we can satisfy a user’s needs without the user needing one or even two of the other sides of the market on board.

The critical mass conundrum of a change-adverse industry is really the key obstacle, especially when you have a potentially 3 way market place.

We also decided the last thing we need in a situation like this is an awkward revenue model. So we’ve put ourselves in the artist's shoes and launched a Patreon until we find something that REALLY clicks. Not a poorly fitting SaaS model with per seat charges, or naively believing we can come between the bands and their payment like some have tried (And without fail, every company I’ve seen launch with “An x% commission on performance fees” has changed their model)