A Lithuanian castle ruled by evil ducklings

Time needed: Half a day

Bus price from Vilnius : 2 euros (return)

Bus travel time: 45 minutes (each way)

If you are visiting Vilnius you should take half a day to visit Trakkai.

Trakkai is a small touristy village 30 minutes away from Vilnius by mini bus. It has this nice castle on an island. It is also one of the most visited places in Lithuania.

Trakkai Castle

In order to get there from Vilnius, you will need to go to the central bus station. The buses are very frequent and also pretty cheap. After waking up and having breakfast I walked to the bus station.

Vilnius bus station

Inside the bus station ticket desk I asked to buy a return ticket but the lady told me I had to buy it on the way back. Since you may want to take your time there exploring this was actually a good thing.

Be aware that the bus stop in Trakkai is a bit far out the actual castle. Once you get there you will still need to walk for 22 minutes.

Walking route to the Castle

Since it was a Monday and the weather was pretty cloudy, there weren’t that many people visiting the castle which turned out to be a good thing. By the amount of restaurants and souvenir shops there I would say it must be very crowded in high season.

I packed my own lunch but if you want there are plenty of restaurants there as well as supermarkets.

Before crossing the bridge to the castle, you can take a look at the lovely souvenir stalls. I haven’t seen many souvenir shops in Vilnius so this might be your change of getting a really cool Lithuanian gift for your granny.

After I bought a few postcards to send to my family I crossed the wooden bridge to get a closer look at the castle.

During past trips I have always regretted paying to go inside of a castle so this time I decided not to pay the 10 euros entrance fee and just walk around the castle walls.

Close to the castle

You can actually take a glance from the inside of it if you walk past the gate.

I just spared you 10 quid mate! You are welcome

I think those 10 euros fee would be better spent on one of the available boat tours they do around the island. I haven’t done it since the weather was a bit meh otherwise it would have been a fun thing to do.

The castle had a lot of birds and ducks walking around. I even saw this cute mother duck with her army of ducklings following her everywhere. They probably live inside the castle :P

Ducklings everywhere

The best part of this small trip was walking back to the bus stop. I decided to go along the lake on the way back and it was such a quiet and peaceful walk. I even stopped a few times on the wooden piers next to the water to enjoy the beautiful view.

Beautiful landscapes
Quiet walk!

Once I got back to the bus station I was lucky enough to have a mini bus to Vilnius ready to depart By the time I arrived in Vilnius it was 3pm so still plenty of time to do other things in the city.

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