Stunning data viz of sleep based on wearable tech data

French magazine Paris Match just published a beautiful interactive data visualisation piece showing the sleeping habits of the owners of the wearable activity trackers “Withings Pulse”.

To realize the piece, Paris Match got an exclusive access to the data collected by the activity trackers in 6 countries (France, UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain). It shows the average sleep time in general and on special days like the weekend, the Christmas eve and the new year’s eve.

The data collected and produced by this new generation of connected devices, trackers and wearables could be an incredible opportunity for data journalists, investigators and social researchers.

But one obstacle or biais remains: these devices are for now only used by a very specific person type, the early adopters and technology fanatics. Even if the leading tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Google are now releasing their smartwatches and wearable trackers, these technologies are far from mass-market adpation.

Because of this bias, the collected data is not representative and is of poor value for serious journalists and researchers.

Some argue that wearable devices should be free, in exchange of the access to the users’ data; this could ensure a mass-market adoption, and a better data quality.
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