How Much Does An End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

Who cleans what?

Reasons to have cleaning done at the end of your tenancy?

What is the price of an end of tenancy cleaning?

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Factors that help determine the price

  • Property size — depending on how large the property is, your price could widely vary from the average price listed above. The larger the house, the higher the cost.
  • State of the property — this is another factor that has a strong influence on how much you pay for end of tenancy cleaning costs. If your home is dirtier than the average home, it can be safe to say that your end of cleaning costs will be higher than the average rate. You should bear in mind that end of tenancy cleaning is not just simply dusting, vacuuming and wiping down surfaces. It is a thorough, detailed and deep cleaning of your home. For instance, if your kitchen area has not been cleaned in over two years, then it is safe to say that your costs will be higher due to this.
  • Additional services — extra services such as carpet cleaning are not typically included at the end of cleaning service. These are services that while they ensure your home is in top condition are not covered by the typical end of tenancy cleaning service.



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Antoaneta Tsocheva

Antoaneta Tsocheva


CEO and Founder of FastKlean — commercial and domestic cleaning company. FastKlean works with over 250 experienced and insured cleaners. Established in 2001.