The left seems to have a very odd understanding of what “democracy” is.

To them, it seems, democracy is only democratic when it serves the interests of minorities. That is literally the opposite of what “democracy” means, however: democracy is rule by the majority, and often, the tyranny thereof.

I’m trying to be optimistic, but it’s quite possible that the election of Donald Trump does not, indeed, serve the interests of minorities, but rather only of the white Protestant majority that has been ignored and abused for so long by the liberal political establishment (in both parties). Nevertheless, the outcome of this election is completely democratic, in the literal sense, in spite of the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. He still represents the interests of a majority of the country, even though a plurality of voters did not actually vote for him.

Perhaps if the left really wants to advance the interests of minorities at the expense of the majority, as appears to be their goal (to suggest that it’s possible to be “for everyone” is just disingenuous and meaningless political rhetoric that in practice requires one group to subordinate its interests to those of another), they should reconsider their devotion to this thing that they call, and imagine to be, “democracy”. What they really want is a system that defends the rights of everyone under the rule of law while allowing the maximum amount of liberty insofar as no one is harmed: that system is called a republic, and it can only function properly under a conservative, libertarian-leaning government.

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