The Greatest Generation of All
Lori Gama

This article really makes me want to rip my hair out. The “greatness” of a generation is not measured merely by the access that it has to information; rather, it is measured by its ability to process information and make correct deductions about that information, a skill which this generation is sorely lacking. It doesn’t help that they were raised by liberal Baby Boomers like the author of this article, whose shockingly poor parenting skills are exhibited by the fact that she allowed her 5-year-old son to watch The Simpsons, a show that is most definitely not intended for children, and who knows what else that she failed to mention in this article. There’s no evidence that this woman provided her son with anything resembling a solid moral foundation upon which to build his future or that of his future family, so I suspect his “greatness”, like that of most of the rest of his generation, will wind up being less than anticipated.

I’m also aggravated by the fact that she actually got the date of 9/11 wrong, somehow, and repeatedly misspelled the name of Anakin Skywalker (who, by the way, is hardly a role model for a young child, considering that he eventually turns evil and becomes Darth Vader, as this woman really has no excuse for not knowing).

Also, for all that she complains about No Child Left Behind, I doubt that she has the same problem with the Common Core standards that her beloved Barack Obama has tried to impose upon the country, which are merely an extension of that. NCLB was merely Bush caving to left-wing pressure, an idea spearheaded by Democrats and implemented because of Bush’s “compassionate conservatism”. Most Republicans think NCLB was a terrible idea. But I wouldn’t expect blind partisan soccer mom in Northern California to have a clue about the reality of politics of education in the past 15 years. Like someone else said, this article is written from an extremely privileged perspective.