When neural networks meet hardcoded knowledge

The first part of this series demonstrates how Stockfish abstracts a chess position and how it quickly finds every possible move. Now, the engine must evaluate the quality of a move in order to pick the best one.

In the past, Stockfish only relied on a set of fixed rules…

Stockfish, one of the best modern chess engines, is orders of magnitude stronger than DeepBlue.

Most chess engines have the same blueprint: abstracting a chess position, finding all candidates moves, iterating through the tree of candidates until a given depth and assessing the relevance of those moves to find the best one. Their quality, however, is subject to the following criterias :

  • Speed: research of…

A practical application for a constraint solver. Studying other technologies can save you several days of data cleansing and model training.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning are ongoing buzzwords in the industry. Branding ahead of functionalities led to Deep Learning being overused in many artificial intelligence applications.

This post will provide a quick grasp at constraint satisfaction, a powerful yet underused approach which can tackle a large number of problems in…

When viral marketing goes too far

A n Australian PhD candidate in artificial intelligence made a recent post on LinkedIn about his researches on SARS-CoV-2. The post gathered thousands of views, likes, and shares.

AI is wonderful

He built a Deep Learning model which is able to predict whether a patient is infected with the COVID-19 virus or not…

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