Remarks on ethics and the social impact of brands.

What defines “good”

We grew up with Hollywood movies. We learned that the good guys fight the bad ones (and they always win). But who defines what is good or not? Ethics is far more complicated than we think and “good” is always an object of intellectual conflict.

Every society has its own system of values. A value that is considered positive here, today, maybe would not in a different time or place. For example, If you were living in Rome in 1633 it would be totally unacceptable to say that the earth is moving. And if you are a woman in S.Arabia…

A dive into the world of televised letterform

Cinema’s history is full of remarkable typographic art. A good designer leaves nothing to chance. Colors, shapes, typography must reflect the overall mood of the film.

This article focuses on TV shows. It is a personal list of TV logos I admire:

10. Narcos

Harsh yet human

How does your online presence affect pop culture

Brief historical background.

Pop culture is a set of cultural goods produced by small media groups and consumed by the masses. During the 20th century, media groups had exclusive ownership of pop culture production as well as full control of communication channels like television or radio.

Newspaper editors, publishers, and news shows approved all content and information before it was aired or published and the audience had no or limited ability of interaction.

Antonis Margaronis

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