Grant Cardone Interview: On All Things Grow Rich

What does grow rich mean to you?

Growing Rich isn’t just about money — but believe me, it involves money. Those that tell you money doesn’t matter are lying to you because they’ve given up on it themselves. I look to get rich in every area of my life — I want a rich relationship with my wife, my kids…I want to have rich friendships and, of course, I want to be RICH in money. It all ties together if you want a rich life. Have your cake and eat it too; why settle for only one color when you can have the whole rainbow? You get it? Being rich means having a rich life in all the areas that are important to you. We live on an economic planet and growing rich means you are not just growing your relationships, your physical health, but you are growing your bank account. I went on Lewis Howe’s podcast last year and said I wouldn’t consider anyone rich until they have $20 million put away.

What was your money mindset growing up?

Scarcity was the theme of my mom’s household after my dad passed. Clipping coupons, always conserving…it led to the idea that there is simply NOT enough. Most people have this mindset by the way. I was able to shake the scarcity mindset once I realized that money is printed by man, more plentiful than trees, and I can have as much of it as I desire. This abundant mindset is at odds with the scarcity mindset — you have to break the latter to ever make any big money on this planet.

What was your biggest mindset challenge?

Thinking big. I’ve always taken many actions, but my thinking didn’t get big enough until I turned 50. You need to take actions, but you need to have even bigger goals and dreams. Your big thinking will lead to bigger actions. My challenge has been to get my thinking to match my actions. My goals weren’t high enough in the past. The bigger your goals, the more you will learn about your true potential.
Control Your Financial Outcome — Grant Cardone

What is the one advice you would give to someone who’s trying to Grow Rich?

Focus on money. This may not be popular, some people may get mad at me, but if you’re serious about growing rich than focus on money. It’s not evil. This ain’t a love planet because I can’t pay for goods and services with hugs. I need cash. So get serious about it and focus on it. Learn new skills that will make a difference in your bank account, like prospecting, negotiating, and closing. That’s what I teach people to do with my business, I train people how to produce revenue. If you need more money in your life, invest in yourself.

Money, Sex or Crypto? (joke question)

If you’re asking if I have these things, yes — I have money, I have sex, and I have crypto. What do I have more of? If you count sex as each time I hit it as “one”, then I have money first, crypto second, and sex third…but if you count what I’m best at, it’s sex first, money second, crypto third.

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