Identify. Problem. Solution. Repeat.

As a business owner, it’s easy getting sucked in from one spectrum to the next. The world of Business has multiple galaxies and they all want your attention, time, and money. From MLM to coaches, everyone seems to know the answer. What I realized is that they don’t.

An ideal business starts with a plan. The plan will lay out the foundation and will tell you exactly what to do. For example, you can get this through a course that will teach you how to operate your business differently, a series of CD’s, and coaching. Notice how the coach does not come first unless he is running a business parallel to yours.

My final remarks are the following: you need a clear objective, message, and plan when starting a business. The rest are assets. With that being said, I hope you find freedom through systems, communication, and prosperity through every new opportunity. And remember, what you tell yourself matters.