Insights From Professionals is not just a book — it’s a movement

Out this Fall

Insights From Professionals is a short book with full of insights about different experts. Ten different experts came to help me share their story through interviews. It’s written, edited, and will be available for you to read this fall. However, with the book ready to be sent to the world, I ask myself if this is the end of a chapter in my life. It is not. It’s just the beginning. If this were a funnel — the book would be the first step — and the upsell would be more interviews. As I do not treat my audience like dirt, there is no funnel: you can either get the book and see what comes next or not get the book and still watch what’s coming next.

The next step is releasing the book and having speaking engagements to help people find their passion. While I was in university, every day I heard people — that went out during the weekend — only to come back with uncertainty about their futures. I barely had any friends in university because I could not connect with people with so little ambitions. I knew university could not dictate where I was going next — in my life — and in my career. One day, I was reading Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception and halfway through I stopped: I then started to think about my book and decided to write it. At first — due to some insecurities — I didn’t know how to pitch it to a publisher, so I was going to self-publish. Nevertheless, I befriended a publisher on Instagram, one thing leads to another, and I was then a published author.


That’s crazy because I was the student most professors had told me to give up early on. However, I did not. Anyways, this is not about my years at Bishop’s University. I know the book has a lot of history to it, even if it’s not out yet. Furthermore, I want to tell you this is not the end of a chapter in my life. My first responsibility is to write copy for my clients, but I also owe you love, gratitude, and respect, and by doing so I offer you more for free. I will be interviewing fewer guests on my vlog, but when I do, I will make sure they are note-worthy. I only interview the best minds and finding them comes not at ease. That is my promise to you. I am not only releasing a book to the world. I am becoming a movement: full of positivity. However, I ask one thing of you: keep carrying the torch. Ignite the flame with it goes down, carry it, and send it to the next. When you finish reading my book or watching my vlog, send it to the next person you know that needs help.

Stay Awesome!