Janelle Meyer’s Influence: Curvy Model, Elara Luna, and Lifestyle

What mindset change did you have to go through before sharing your images on Instagram?

I had to mentally prepare myself for the negativity and body shaming. I was afraid that if I saw a negative comment, I’d burst into tears. When I really began thinking about it though I realized that anyone with anything negative to say, isn’t someone who’s opinion I would hold much merit too anyways. Why should I let someone I don’t even know take away from me sharing my story while sharing images I feel confident enough in to post. The fear subsided and it turned into empowerment.

If more women want to share their body online, what should they do to gain that confidence?

Just do it! It seems scary and I won’t lie and say that it’s not. I’ve only become comfortable recently with sharing my body. I’ve found that with my experience, the reception is truly always about 99% positive. You don’t deserve to hide; forget about the rules when it comes to dressing your body or showing your body off. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22, we all deserve to live our lives without limits.

Are men, now more than ever, attracted to curvy women because it is no longer shamed upon?

I don’t find this to be true. I think there’s always been lots of men attracted to curvy women. I think maybe now that more curvy women are stepping into the spotlight, it’s more public how much men adore them!


How does a curvy woman use fashion to her advantage?

I have my own clothing line, Elara Luna. It’s specifically for curvy women. When I design and curate my pieces, I find it much more satisfying to be doing it for curves! Clothing looks so beautiful when there are gorgeous, voluptuous curves to fill it out! Don’t hide, show off your best assets.


What advice can you give to curvy women that want to date men or women, but do not know how to rock their body to their advantage (how can they basically use their plus size body to impress their ideal date/partner)

I think it’s not about impressing, it’s just about being yourself. Relax and remember that there’s no reason to stress, after all- confidence is sexy! Any man or woman would be lucky to have you! The more you love yourself and your body, the more others will love it too!

What piece of advice can you give to curvy women to not overthink about their body size in the bedroom in order for them to enjoy intimacy alone or with a partner?

A partner is never going to complain about your size in the bedroom. If they’ve gotten to that point, they know what to expect, and clearly think you’re sexy. It’s even sexier when you own that, let your inhibitions go, and own your curves. A partner will appreciate that (and have much more fun!) than if you are so insecure that all of the lights have to stay off.


How free do you feel when doing a photoshoot, regardless of the outfit?

I definitely feel liberated. I learn to love my body and myself more each time. There’s something magical about playing dress up, having your picture taken, and knowing you are working the camera! It’s been a long process to feel this way so it’s an extremely freeing feeling to not only be comfortable in your own skin but to be in front of a camera as well.

Do people ask you to wear certain outfits for certain images or have you chosen every outfit?

It’s always a mix! For other brands, I do what they tell me. For my own brand, Elara Luna, I do what I tell myself :)

What has been your favourite photoshoot so far, and why?

The first photoshoot I did for my brand, Elara Luna. It was so empowering to see my brand come to fruition but it was also the first professional shoot that I modeled for! It launched my business and my career as a model. Nothing can top that photoshoot.

When being photographed with the lightest of outfits, what do you want the person viewing the image to feel?

I want whoever views my photos to feel empowered. I did a swimwear campaign which I truly was very nervous about. I was so scared when the images were being shared. The response was so overwhelmingly positive though. Women were reaching out saying that seeing me in swimwear made them feel inspired to take a picture in swimwear or even just wear it and stop hiding under their cover ups. That was incredible.

When doing photoshoots, do you love evoking the viewers’ senses when sharing the images?

That’s not something I think about :)

What legacy do you want to leave behind as a model?

I want my legacy to be that I was a catalyst for change. I want women to feel sexy and confident, to feel empowered. I want everyone to know that it’s important to love themselves each day, to feel good in the now. You don’t need to hit a certain goal to feel proud of who you are. You can be a work in progress and still be happy when you look in the mirror.

Do you ever want to make a slight transition to acting since curvy women are also well appreciated on the big screen?

If the right opportunity came my way, I’d love to!

What does it feel like when clients pay you to be on book covers, magazines, interviews, videos, etc?

To be honest, as silly as it sounds, I’m not driven by money. I feel like it comes when you’re just doing what you’re meant to be doing and being positive to yourself and those around you when doing so. I do always feel excited when it’s a bigger opportunity though, money aside. Any opportunity I have that can lead to a bigger platform for body positivity, that’s when I feel most successful.