Keeping it Real With Cheyenne Lee

What mindset change did you have to go through before sharing your images on Instagram?

NOT CARING. I came to the conclusion that people are going to judge regardless, so I might as well do what I want right? Also remembering that Mainstream media is not the only standard of beauty… I AM BEAUTIFUL regardless of what is considered “Normal”

If more women want to share their body online, what should they do to gain that confidence?’

OWN IT, FLAWS AND ALL!!! The standard of beauty is being re-defined and there is a community out their ready to love and accept you.

Are men, now more than ever, attracted to curvy women because it is no longer shamed upon?

Ughhhh…. Lol. Men have always been attracted to curvy women. For some reason the main stream media likes to portray. that plus size women are not as sexually desirable as skinny women which is absolutely not true!!!. But yes I do see that it is becoming “openly” acceptable.


How does a curvy woman use fashion to her advantage?

Same way any size women does. We accentuate our best features/ curves. Remember though, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it, confidence it key.


What advice can you give to curvy women that want to date men or women, but do not know how to rock their body to their advantage (how can they basically use their plus size body to impress their ideal date/partner)

You shouldn’t have to impress anyone. You want someone to be into you for more than just your looks… Curvy bodies are already overly sexualized, often times considered a fetish and that’s annoying to me. Love and be true to yourself and you will attract what’s right for you.

How free do you feel when doing a photoshoot, regardless of the outfit?

Regardless of the outfit I feel free for the simple fact that not too long ago being a plus model was unheard of. Now here I am a curvy model breaking the rules. I feel pretty damn free.

Do people ask you to wear certain outfits for certain images or have you chosen every outfit?

A majority of the images are styled and put together by me.

If it is a collaboration, they normally sponsor the outfits. But even then, I style with my own flavor or twist.

What has been your favourite photoshoot so far, and why?

My favorite photo shoot I have done was shot by @Photo_karizza. It was my favorite because I remember feeling nervous and insecure about being fully nude… but it ended up being one of the best photos I have taken yet. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.

When being photographed with the lightest of outfits, what do you want the person viewing the image to feel?

Specifically I want women to feel something. I want them to see me and feel beautiful too. I want other women to see a natural body and feel this is acceptable, this is beautiful, this is REAL. Flaws and all.

When doing photoshoots, do you love evoking the viewers’ senses when sharing the images?

Yes yes and YES. It gives me a thrill… I love to see people’s reactions good or bad. The more risque or unique the shoot is, the more the reaction.

What legacy do you want to leave behind as a model?

I want curvy women, better yet I want all women to feel good about themselves. I want women to see me being comfortable with my body/sexuality and. be inspired. I want to leave a legacy of acceptance and love.

Do you ever want to make a slight transition to acting since curvy women are also well appreciated on the big screen?

I actually started off acting. By the First grade I was landing lead roles in musicals. I feel modeling and acting go hand in hand, modeling is just acting through photos. It is definitely my goal to hit the big screen though!

What does it feel like when clients pay you to be on book covers, magazines, interviews, videos, etc?

It is one of the most fulfilling experiences because for so long I was told I’d never be successful if I didn’t lose weight, I could never be a model if i didn’t lose weight. Now that “weight” gets me payed.