Let Me Backtrack: 3 Years Ago I Wanted To Take Back My Life

Three years ago, I embarked on an adventure that many of my family members were claiming as life changing. They were nor right or wrong. After quitting Wal-Mart as a stock boy, I knew that a hidden potential inside of me was plausible. After all, we always hear about legends striving to climb the social ladder. Moreover, it works out for them. Nevertheless, three years ago was my start at this so-called thing: Life. It has curves and sometimes makes you take massive action at different times without knowing why.

Moving Out

Three years ago, I went all-in when it came to education. I left an environment with no learning to becoming an academic at Bishop’s University. From there, I was available to learn literature, which still shapes the way I think today. It literally saves lives. Yes. It does. Don’t tell me otherwise. I went from being a literal mess, never thinking for my future, to investing my money in books, and now I’m here actually writing this on a blog. This may not seem like much, but it exists, and if I can change your life, it’s all I ever wanted.

Before making the move from Montreal to Sherbrooke, most could label me as desperate; a young handsome person walking in bars drinking his sorrows away was I — but — a few years back. I wasn’t the guy reading about philosophy, John Milton, or Seth Godin. I was a loser. Call it like you want, I literally did not have the potential to become successful and take massive action.

The move was crucial. I went from being born and raised in the city to go to the middle of nowhere. Now what helps with such an abrupt transition is starting from zero. Everything that I adhered to be was now gone. I was no longer an illustrator and 3D Design Graduate. No one knew who I was, so I had to restart. My friends were not around to motivate me. Education was a war. And I was going to fight it on my own terms, but how would I conquer and win the battle to academia? Well now, I’m here. The victory is soon here.

How I made it this far

Persistence is my answer. When someone tells you that you can’t do something, do it. Believe in yourself. If I can survive through education, so can you. I believe in you. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Finding Your Why

Always know why you’re doing something. Once you figure it out, you will reach dreams that you thought were impossible. Three years ago, I knew there was a way of making money with writing. In acquiring the skills needed, I am now invincible when it comes to being compassionate. Learning copy for 300$ is the best investment I ever made. I can write ads, books, landing pages, sell real estate with my copy. You can do anything when acquiring an everlasting skill.

Life as I know it is changing and I deserve nothing but the best. But I most work endless hours to become the best. It is through my writing, that I want to change the world. I want to ghostwrite or co-write your next book for a fair price. I want to write all of your ads, landing pages, funnels, emails, and blogs.

Here is what Gary Vaynerchuk has taught me.
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