Natasha Sioui Interview: It’s Time to Love Yourself

What mindset change did you have to go through before sharing your images on Instagram?

I worked a lot on my self love and self worth the last year. I was able to get a lot better after suffering from eating disorders all my life! With my eating disorder came body complex, hyper controlled food, training and anorexia. I always felt different cause since a very young age I suffered from obesity. I played yo-yo with my weight since 15 years old and have been unhappy and mad at my body ever since! In 2017, I decided that enough was enough! This body gave me my son, it is healthy, I can do so much because of it! I decided that from now on I would treat my body the way it deserves to be treated and that I would help other women do the same!

If more women want to share their body online, what should they do to gain that confidence?

Its all about assuming who you are! Us women need to stop comparing ourseleves! We are ALL perfect! There is NO typical body and we need to stop comparing ourselves! We all have different genetics, lifestyles, hormones, whatever we are not supposed to be all the same! What matters is that youre healthy then whatever body comes with it embrace it!

Are men, now more than ever, attracted to curvy women because it is no longer shamed upon?

I wouldn't know, I have been in a relationship for 7 years now.


How does a curvy woman use fashion to her advantage?

By buying high waist skirt, pants! By embracing those curves and that’s all!


What advice can you give to curvy women that want to date men or women, but do not know how to rock their body to their advantage (how can they basically use their plus size body to impress their ideal date/partner)

Honestly, it is all about confidence! That’s all! Find a perfect kit that you love, put it on and just look at yourself and tell yourself you are beautiful! Your date will feel it! Smile, be fabulous! There is no shape/size or whatever that can take confidence away from a women :) it is the big difference!


How free do you feel when doing a photo-shoot, regardless of the outfit?

I am still in the process of rocking my body but I love shooting! And feel amazing when I do!

Do people ask you to wear certain outfits for certain images or have you chosen every outfit?

I choose every outfit since I never posed professionally.

When being photographed with the lightest of outfits, what do you want the person viewing the image to feel?

The confidence that I have! And to be inspired to feel the same!

When doing photo-shoots, do you love evoking the viewers’ senses when sharing the images?


What legacy do you want to leave behind as a model?

I want to inspire more women to feel what I feel since I told myself that I am enough! I am beautiful and fabulous

Do you ever want to make a slight transition to acting since curvy women are also well appreciated on the big screen?

I really don’t know, I would have to check that one if I ever get an offer.