What I learnt from my first startup: Lesson 9: The KISS of the elevator pitch

This is the ninth of ten snapshots capturing what I learnt building my first startup. I first published it on LinkedIn.

I used to have a very good reason (so I thought) of not applying the motto Keep It Simple Stupid when I was explaining my project: our project had to deal with complex entity such as algorithm, artificial intelligence, location based marketing etc. 
So how do you want to explain our company to people without any knowledge of our environment? 
I was trying with examples, leaving the essence of our project for simplification purposes. 
One day I heard a scientist on the radio talking about climate variations on earth for the past million years. It was so clear. 
I first thought that my marketing was not optimal if I couldn’t explain the idea in less than one minute to my dear mother (or someone not tech savvy). 
So I kept writing and writing short pitches, which I’d learn by heart, with the fear of forgetting a word or two (which happened often when in situation of stress in front of prospects, investors or business partners).

But marketing was only part of the problem, in fact it was an illustration of the real cause of complexity; if it cannot be explained easily, than the idea is not polished enough, or even might be needed to be rethought completely. 
That is not an easy thing to admit, especially if you’ve been working on the tenth iteration of our idea. But that’s a sign you’ll need another one. 
I finally made it to what I think was a good elevator pitch, but a bit too late unfortunately.

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