Ancient Chinese Pottery- Extremely Durable, Beautiful and Vibrant

Porcelain is considered to be one of the most crucial inventions of the ancient Chinese people. Even though printing and gunpowder is regarded to be the most popular inventions, still porcelain was one of the major export items. It was regarded highly for its durability and beauty. Read on to know more about ancient Chinese pottery.

History of Ancient Chinese Porcelain

Even after the Europeans discovered the way to make Chinese porcelain in 1700s, still Chinese porcelain was highly valued in the West and the Islamic world. The artistic pieces were extremely useful and durable, the colors were vibrant, the artwork was exotic and the pieces were extremely affordable. The reality is that porcelain pottery was so sturdy that even those Han Dynasty porcelain pieces which were designed approximately 2000 years ago still have the same translucency and vibrancy. When we talk about the West, well designed porcelain pieces were valued as antiques and family heirlooms and passed on to the next generation. This is due to the fact that the value of these potteries increased significantly over the passage of time.

If you too love collecting ancient potteries, it is advisable to visit the ancient centers or check out the online galleries that offer Porcelaine bleu et blanc and other potteries and buy one for yourself. In fact, these ancient potteries make the perfect gift which you can present to your loved ones on special occasions.

The Unique Features of Chinese Porcelain

It is typically believed that Middle East and pre modern European ceramics artisans utilized creative decorating methods. Still their art was limited to designing earthenware due to the fact that they did not bake their clay to maturity in furnaces producing significantly high temperature.

When it comes to porcelain, it is well vitrified ceramic that is basically composed of a form of clay known as kaolin and few other components. Stoneware, earthenware and other ceramics are not vitrified and thus they can be produced cheaply. But these products gradually depreciate with time and temperature. But high quality porcelain like imari porcelain Belgium can withstand even the most complex temperature changes and can last for generations with proper care.

If you talk about Chinese porcelain, it was highly prized in the West due to its extensive artwork, thinness and sturdiness. A simple look at the ancient pottery and you are sure to understand why it is so highly regarded. If you are pottery lover, you will be awed with ancient Chinese pottery. Just explore the wide array of ancient Chinese potteries that are available in art galleries, museums etc. If you wish to buy, search for an art gallery offering ancient potteries for sale. Buy the best potteries that will not only become one of your prized possessions, but one which you can pass on to the next generation! For more information feel free to visit

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