Improving the way we use our time on Twitter

I’m a big fan of Twitter and it’s my main source of knowledge, but there is something wrong in their Mobile & Desktop UI : Noise

The Client Era

The emergence of many clients like Twitterrific, TweetDeck or TweetBot (build on Twitter API), who’s improving the original service with many features, increase the usage as a source of knowledge and an exchange place. Many users prefer those applications over twitter’s official one.

The Dictature

The fight with Facebook and other social medias requires stakeholders to open the race of Stickiness.

“The question becomes, ‘will the product innovations drive a significantly larger user base and greater engagement/time spent with the product?’ Time will tell.” — Richard Greenfield, BTIG Research

In order to convince their users — Power Users, Curators, & others — to come back on the officials Twitter’s apps, they limited their API to clients and shut down the access to new features.

The Reign

Now the famous bird delivers lot of new features with better integration than anyone. They have caught up their experience on other clients, and I need to admit, I’d rather use it than my favorite Tweetbot.

But something is missing!

You can follow the right people,
there will always be noise in your timeline

What are filters exactly?

It gives you the ability to hide irrelevant informations based on your preferences to keep you only the best content you want to see.

How it works?

  • Add a Keyword or an #Hashtag,
  • or Select an App who’s sharing on Twitter (Foursquare,, Facebook and every app you don’t want in your timeline…),
  • Define the Duration you want to hide (1 day / week / month or forever?)
  • And Voilà!

Fears of the Company?

Maybe the company fears for theirs ads? I don’t really know why they haven’t released something like that yet, but Tweetbot got it since day one and it’s fucking amazing how that improve our experience, they should look at it really seriously!

IMO that’s very compatible with Twitter Ads, the main source of money of the firm. If every companies advertising on twitter , focus their campaigns on a better targeting, they will have a better impact on the final user because this is something he really care!

Think Filters as Growth

“We’re exploring ways to surface relevant tweets so the content that is interesting to you is easy to discover  while still preserving the real-time nature of the platform that makes Twitter special”
- Kevin Weil, Twitter’s VP Product

We’re in the era of the economy of distraction, this is a fact. We focus our time on things that matter and I strongly believe that if we improve the number of relevant information, we can consume way more!

The company wanted to get people to read more, rather than post more: “We really need to build a consumption-first experience.” — Anthony Noto, Twitter’s new chief financial officer
One of his slides read: “We believe we have the best aggregated content on one platform in the world — much of which is unique, appeals to everyone, and is relevant on a daily basis … There are a number of potential growth drivers that, in combination, if all executed successfully, could drive over $11bn in revenue.”