This is a redacted transcript of a talk I gave last April at JAM’s (a stellar, one-of-a-kind, intimate unconference in the Welsh countryside)

Leaders and Managers

The term Product Leader has become increasingly trendy as of late.

I get why Product Managers can also be called Product Leaders, as they…

Product research is a double-edged sword. When done wrong, it misleads and corrupt decisions. When done right, it opens your eyes to reality and make you aware of unsuspected opportunities.

Product research is about understanding how people use your product. …

This is a story about a GV style design sprint. If you’ve never heard of that, you can learn more or .

We’re big fans of the Google Ventures here at busuu.

In the past 9 months, we’ve run a few design sprints with…

At busuu, we think of ourselves as being not only a language learning app, but also part of a broader self-actualization category.

So we think we’re cousins of brain training apps, for instance. Fitness apps too.

Whether our apps teach people a new language, keep their brains active or their…

How we redesigned busuu’s navigation from the ground up

More often than not, the architecture of educational content is very deep. Just think back to how your high-school textbooks were organized. They had volumes, nesting chapters, nesting lessons, nesting sections, nesting exercises. And so on.

As textbook creators attempted to organize the sheer volume of content they produced, they…

Implementing Lean product development and Agile project management methodologies in a nascent startup

In November and December 2013, I had the pleasure to consult for a French web agency, .

After a year spent developing the first version of their new flagship mobile app —Squeez’me (now renamed “Quiz Run”)and a few months before its initial release, Cadet Créations sought my advice…

Implementing Scrum by-the-book in a 30+ people company

In May and June 2014, I had the pleasure to consult for one of Mexico’s top real-estate listing website, .

While being one of the leaders in their market, they had recognized their vital and crucial need for a sharp project management methodology to boost their team’s productivity and succeed…

Antoine Sakho

Product leader with 10+ years experience shipping award-winning apps to 100+ million humans. Currently on a break to recharge, reflect and roam the world.

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