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What is Favr?

Favr is a peer to peer service platform that allows users to request inconvenient tasks to be complete at their own set price. You may not have noticed, but people spend way too much time on inconvenient jobs like lawn care, home chores or pick up services. These inconveniences take away from the important things in life like spending time with your family or getting productive work done. Our mission at Favr is to provide users a platform to mitigate these hassling jobs while being as cost effective as possible. At Favr we let you set the price, instead of going onto a platform like TaskRabbit where you have to manually find the most qualified worker and agree on their pay, you as a customer have full control of how much you’re willing to pay. We flipped the conventional way of things and are seeking to revolutionize how work is done by being a market disruptor. In addition to the amazing benefits to the customer, it also is perfect for people looking for quick jobs in the current gig economy. Being a freelancer with Favr is quick and easy. All you have to do is:

  • Sign up
  • Pass a background check
  • Provide banking information to ensure you get paid
  • Wear a Favr shirt

Once you have completed those quick and easy steps you are ready to work on Favr. You as a freelancer, get to select the jobs you want to work based off of your availability and the pay of the job. As a way to ensure the most qualified freelancers are getting the best opportunities for jobs we have implemented a rating and review system that assists customers in their decision of selecting the most qualified individual to complete their job.

Favr and its technologies


Being as broke as we were, the Favr team wanted to ensure we were utilizing the most cost effective ways in building our platform. So we use AWS free tier system for our infrastructure.

  • Hosting: Ubuntu EC2 instance to host the platform
  • Database: MySQL RDS Instance to power our database
  • Misc: We utilize Route 53 to house our domain:

The cost per month for our infrastructure comes to a total of $0.51 per month.


Currently the Favr leadership team consists of 5 committed guys. Only two however can code, the CEO (me) and the CTO (Haron Arama). The two of us have a different skill sets though, he works with Frontend Technologies and I work with Backend Technologies. Which leads us to the types of technologies being utilized at Favr:

  • Laravel: Our Backend relies on the PHP framework Laravel it is perfect with me being a PHP developer and all. We specifically utilize the REST capabilities of the framework, which is easy to use and scalable.
  • Ionic Native/JS: Our Frontend is powered by Ionic due to its cross platform capabilities for native apps and a progressive web app which is a perfect solution instead of having to build individual codebases for each platform.

With the REST capabilities of Laravel, it seems it’s never been easier to integrate the two frameworks.

Critical API Services:

At Favr we use many external API services for business purposes, whether it be for sending out texts or emails, payments, customer support or background checks.

  • Twilio: Sends out SMS messages, charging us per api call. Twilio is very easy to integrate with Laravel through composer. composer require twilio/sdk
  • Sendgrid: Sends out emails, charging on a monthly basis, though we still use their free 100 emails per day. This is also very easy to integrate with Laravel and composer. composer require sendgrid/sendgrid
  • Stripe: A payment platform with many available services like subscription payments, saving customers or creating peer to peer transactions with connect. Stripe charges on a per transaction basis so you don’t have to pay anything upfront like you would with something like It is also fairly to integrate with Laravel. composer require stripe/stripe-php
  • Pusher: Sends out push notifications. Though Twilio also offers push notifications through Notify, it is not very user friendly when it comes to development and the docs are very difficult to follow. So we stuck with Pusher. Their dashboard is very user friendly and it easily integrates with Laravel. composer require pusher/pusher-push-notifications

Other non critical api services include Fountain, for background checks. Intercom for customer service & support and Docusign for contractual agreements with our users.


Currently Favr is only available in Rochester MN as a progressive web app, however we plan to launch our mobile app on the app store December 17th and plan to take next steps into expansion, specifically the Minneapolis metro area. Please take a look at our current web app here. If you are interested in contacting me in investing or questions about Favr please shoot me an email .